Serenday omeostat, 30 tab


  • Description

    Recent research estimates that in a year over 15% of the population of industrial countries suffers from anxiety disorders, an experience that in the course of life affects 30% of individuals, especially women.

    Serenday is a food supplement based on medicinal plant extracts, which acts favorably on relaxation and mental well-being.
    It is part of the omeostat¬ģ line, the brand that identifies Fitomedical preparations designed to support the body’s natural ability to maintain its balance (homeostasis).

    The formulation of Serenday omeostat¬ģ is based on dry extracts of Albizzia, Withania, Giuggiolo, Polygala which act in synergy to:

    • to favor the psychological balance that allows to calmly and efficiently face situations of anxiety and bio-psycho-social stress,
    • prevent the somatic relapses of nervous tension by protecting the correct rhythm of heartbeat, breath and digestion,
    • improve the quality of physiological sleep that regenerates psycho-physical energies,
    • protect the brain from stress-induced oxidative damage while preserving memory, favoring general psychophysical well-being.

    It is recommended to take 1 tablet once or twice a day, after meals.

    It is a 100% natural product, gluten free, lactose and suitable for vegans and people with intolerances