Water Pepper, fresh plant macerate (TM)


  • Description

    TM are hydro-alcoholic macerations obtained from fresh medicinal plants, harvested spontaneously in ecologically non-degraded territories or from organic cultivation.
    A few hours after harvesting flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, flowering tops, etc. they are processed under controlled conditions.
    The obtained phytoderivate is faithful to the phytochemical profile of the original plant and expresses all its complex health activities.

    Applications described in literature and traditional uses:
    Hemorrhages with too abundant flow even in the presence of uterine fibromatosis. Hemorrhages associated with varicose veins, hemorrhoids, bladder stones, etc. Dysrenoreas and amenorrhea. Erosions of gastric and intestinal mucosa. Intestinal colic with flatulence. Headaches related to intracranial vasodilation. Mycosis. Adenopathy.

    Alcohol, Water pepper (Polygonum hydropiper L.) aerial parts 43.7%, Water

    It acts favorably on the physiological function of the female cycle

    Mode of use
    take 30 drops diluted in water, three times a day