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Officinalis is a place dedicated to you and to the world of plants, our valuable source of well-being.

This “Cookie Policy” serves to provide, in line with the principle of transparency governing relations with our clients, information on the types, purposes and management/use of cookies sent while browsing web sites managed by Erboristeria Officinalis s.r.l. . In this site, only “technical cookies” are used, required to optimise browsing; this site may also consent delivery of “third party cookies”. If you continue browsing on this site, also accessing another area or selecting an element of the latter (for example an image or link), this implies consent to use the cookies specified in the detailed consent form (art. 4.1 General Provision no. 229 of 8.05.2014 Data Protection Authority).

What are cookies?

Cookies are small strings of text sent from a web site to the user’s browser and memorised automatically on your device (personal computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), which are then re-sent automatically to the server each time you access the site. Cookies are normally in the form of a string containing at least the name of the web site from which the cookie originates, the “duration” of the cookie and a value, normally a single number generated at random. Depending on who manages the cookies sent by a web site, there are two possible types of cookies:

  • “first party” cookies, where managed directly by the owner and/or editor of the web site
  • “third party” cookies where managed by persons external to the web site visited by the user.

First Party Cookies

These cookies play an important role when browsing the web. We use cookies to improve and facilitate the user’s experience by memorising, for example, some information on the browser used (e.g. language, nation, etc.) thus avoiding the need to re-enter the same information when returning to the site. Erboristeria Officinalis s.r.l. does not use first party cookies to track online behaviour of users on the web sites managed for marketing purposes. The cookies do now enable identification of individual users visiting our web sites, but only of the browser used for navigation, unless the users access their personal account.

Which cookies do we use?

The following describes the type of first party cookies sent from the web site:

Technical cookies
Technical cookies are essential for the correct operation of some sections of the web site and are used to enable normal browsing for users and the possibility of using the services available on our web sites, without which these services may not function correctly. We also use technical cookies to keep track, in compliance with current standards (see Prov. “Identification of simplified methods for information consent and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies” of 8 May 2014) of consent granted by users on reception of third party profiling and analytics cookies. Our web sites use, or can use, also in combination, the following categories of technical cookies, divided according to the classification proposed in Opinion 04/2012 regarding the exemption of consent for the use of cookies, issued by the Working Party according to art. 29 in the EU (found here: recommendation/files/2012/wp194_it.pdf; )

Session cookies
These cookies are sent to the user’s device/browser in response to technical/functional demands (for example the transmission of session IDs required for authenticated access to reserved areas) but are not stored persistently on the user’s computers and are deleted at the end of the “session” by simply closing the browser.

Third Party Cookies
When browsing our web sites, some cookies may be sent that do not belong to our domains (known as “third party cookies”) when, for example, users visit a page that includes contents of a third party web site. Some third parties may send, via the sites managed by Erboristeria Officinalis s.r.l., cookies that provide an understanding of habits and preferences expressed by users while browsing, in order to consent the latter to adapt advertising displayed on our web sites. Some types of cookie managed by third parties also enable us to obtain aggregate statistical information regarding visits to our sites and browsing habits, in order to improve the usability and performance of our sites. For more clarity, Erboristeria Officinalis s.r.l. lists below all types of third party cookies that may send cookies while browsing our sites with the relative descriptions and pages/web sites where information may be found on the use of these cookies, with the option of denying consent for their use/transmission.

Which third party cookies do we use?
The web sites managed by Erboristeria Officinalis s.r.l. may send the following types of third party cookies:

Analytics Cookies: These cookies are used to collect and analyse aggregate and anonymous information for statistical analyses of access and visits to our web sites, in order to improve the performance and design of our web site. They may also be used to limit the frequency with which a certain advert is displayed and to show publicity based on the interests of the users, as well as a means of measuring the effectiveness of a campaign.

Profiling cookies: These cookies enable us to obtain information on user’s browsing habits on our web sites (for example the products and/or services most visited) and to recognise those that return to visit our sites, enabling us to build up anonymous profiles aimed at creating targeted and more involving advertising. No personal information, enabling the identification of single users and consequent association with an advertising profile created is shared with third parties when using these cookies.

List of main cookies used
NOME COOKIE: wp-settings-id
USAGE DETAILS: These cookies are required by our CMS platform and do not contain any information that enables personal identification.

COOKIE NAME: _icl_current_language
USAGE DETAILS: Personalising Web content.

COOKIE NAME:: cb-enabled
USAGE DETAILS: These cookies serve to acknowledge acceptance of the cookie policy and prevent the constant display of pop-ups for the user.

USAGE DETAILS: These cookies are used by Google to store preferences and information of the user each time he/she visits web pages containing geographical maps from Google Maps. These cookies contain sufficient information to enable tracking.

USAGE DETAILS: These cookies are used by Google to store preferences and information of the user each time he/she visits web pages containing geographical maps from Google Maps. These cookies contain sufficient information to enable tracking.

Google Cookies
When you search for contents on Google and visit a destination page, cookies from Google may be recalled. Erboristeria Officinalis s.r.l. cannot control the settings of these cookies. To know more, visit the privacy page of Google regarding searching for contents in Web pages.

How can I restrict cookies?

Although cookies facilitate and speed up browsing of sites, you can still refuse our cookies. You can modify settings for our cookies directly from your web browser whenever required. To know more how to manage and delete cookies from your browser, visit the following links:

  • Click here for more information on “private browsing” in FireFox;
  • Click here for more information on “private browsing” and cookies in Chrome;
  • Click here or more information on “private” browsing and cookies in Internet Explorer;
  • Click here for more information on “private browsing” and cookies in Safari.
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