Benex Cold Gel 200 ml, Erboristeria Magentina


  • Description

    Refreshes the legs, reduces swelling and tiredness, improves circulation. Excellent for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet, or who travels or engages in sport.

    Active Ingredients
    Mint, Eucalyptus, Horse chestnut, Centella, Methol, Aloe, Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy.

    How To Use
    To improve circulation, gently massage the leg from the ankle upwards to the thigh. Repeat as necessary.

    Legs can suffer from the heat, tiredness, swelling, pain and a feeling of heaviness. This can create great discomfort and limit physical activity. This Cold Gel has been forumulated to bring immediate relief to the legs and, thanks to the fresh feeling it gives, it restores tone, energy and vitality.

    200 ml.