Shampoo oily hair, Derbe


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    To combat the typical blemishes of greasy hair must take care of their regular cleaning. Too much detergent or conducted improperly almost always involves a worsening of dell’untuosità problem. That’s why the Derbe laboratories have created a treatment based on two simple steps: the use of a pre-shampoo solution and a shampoo against greasiness.
    The habitual use of Derbe shampoo against oiliness makes visibly healthy hair and prolongs the cleansing of the scalp. His secret? Gently cleanse without the use of aggressive surfactants began with the pre-shampoo solution.
    The grapefruit seed extract promotes the rebalancing action, the blackcurrant extract improves the symptoms of hyper-active sebaceous glands ideal restoring their delicate hydro-lipid balance.
    200 ml. It contains no parabens, it does not contain gluten.

    HOW TO USE: wet the hair with warm water. Apply a sufficient amount of shampoo on wet hair and massage it until you get a good lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the process a second time. The hair is ready for styling.

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