Sanitizing Shampoo against Dandruff 200 ml, Derbe


  • Description

    Dandruff, a common problem, is unsightly and hard to manage; its causes can be varied: food, aggressive hair care products, pollution, itching etc. Derbe’s Sanitizing shampoo helps to restore the hygiene of the scalp thanks to the very delicate detergent base combined with the sanitising effect of Tea Tree Oil.

    It also contains a non-toxic, antifungal and sebum-regulating substance (ciclopirox olamine) which compared to most anti-dandruff agents, has a high affinity for cheratinitica fibre-rich tissues such as hair. It has a broad-spectrum antibacterial activity and helps restore the skin’s natural microbial balance.

    How to use: Use on damp hair in sufficient quantity to create plenty of lather. Repeat the operation a second time before the final rinse. Dry as usual. For a full treatment we recommend combining use of the shampoo with Derbe’s pre-shampoo scrub and Derbe’s Sanitizing Solution.