Willow (n.38), Bach flowers


  • Description


    • self-pity;
    • bitterness.


    • attitude sullen, moody and touchy;
    • victimization;
    • refusal to recognize their mistakes;
    • continuous wail;
    • solitude;
    • He restrained fury;
    • resentment;
    • resentment;
    • defeatism;
    • distrust;
    • hypochondria;
    • anorexia;
    • stomach ache, digestive problems;
    • colitis.

    TRANSFORMATION: Willow helps us to understand that what happens off also occurs within us and that is that our attitude can attract events both positive and negative, of which we are primarily responsible. Of course everything that happens to us does not depend only on us, but the way we live, and therefore more or less suffering we experience when something goes wrong, the one that’s under our control! Of a glass filled halfway Willow will teach us to say “It’s half full” rather than “It’s half empty.”