Vivolax Regola, 200 ml


  • Description

    water, mannite – manna from flowering ash (Fraxinus ornus L. – exudate: manna), concentrated plum juice (Prunus domestica L. – fructus), pineapple concentrate, carrot and black currant concentrate, dry dandelion extract (Taraxacum officinale (L.) Weber. – radix), dry fennel extract (Foeniculum vulgare Miller – fructus), dry chamomile extract (Matricaria chamomilla L. – capitula), citric acid (acidifier), natural flavouring.

    Content of ingredients per daily dose
    1 tablespoon (10ml) Mannite – Flowering ash manna (exudate) 1000 mg, Concentrated plum juice 500 mg, Dandelion d.e. 100 mg, Fennel d.e. 50 mg, Chamomile d.e. 50 mg.
    2 tablespoons (20ml) Mannite – Flowering ash manna (exudate) 2000 mg, Concentrated plum juice 1000 mg, Dandelion d.e. 200 mg, Fennel d.e. 100 mg, Chamomile d.e. 100mg.

    Physiological effect
    The flowering ash manna favors the regularity of intestinal transit and the normal volume and consistency of stools. The plum fruit and the dandelion support the regularity of intestinal transit. Fennel and chamomile promote digestive function and help regulate gastrointestinal motility and the elimination of gas.

    Recommended daily dose
    a 10 ml measuring cup (one tablespoon) diluted in half a glass of warm water. Take once or twice a day as needed. Shake before each intake. One tablespoon = 10ml. Measuring cap is included. A possible presence of sediment confirms its naturalness