Vivo Aroma Kit


  • Description

    Vivo Aroma is an innovative system that allows everyone to create their own personalized shower shampoo using the essential oils they want.

    How to Prepare:

    It is very important that the essential oil or mixture of essential oils is evenly diluted on the cleansing base (base shampoo).

    The real magic of Vivo Aroma lies in the activator.

    The Activator is a substance that favors the dilution of the essential oils in the cleansing base so that the aroma is well distributed throughout your shampoo.

    The Vivo Aroma Kit contains everything you need:

    1 piece Shampoo (250 ml neutral cleansing base);
    Pcs. 1 15 ml Activator;
    Pcs. 1 250 ml graduated glass;
    Pcs. 1 Graduated teaspoon.

    Surfactants – Vivo Aroma contains latest generation vegetal surfactants deriving from Coconut. Proteins – In the Vivo Aroma cleansing base, proteins of animal origin have been replaced with proteins of vegetal origin using Enzymatic Bioliquefaction technology which allows you to hydrolyse and combine Hemp seeds and rice proteins, thus obtaining a completely vegetal, Animal Free product.

    Protections – In the Vivo Aroma Shampoo we have also added an active complex for colored hair which comes from the selection of different plants