Capillary Cream 125 ml – 250 ml, Derbe


  • Description

    Any time and anywhere, this is the indispensable product for your hair! It is a conditioner that nourishes, adds shine and detangles hair removing static electricity and imparting body, strength and volume to fine hair. It prevents the structural impoverishment of hair and damage to the hydro-lipid layer and acid mantle of the scalp caused by aggressions including climate, environment, hair-processing treatments, excessive or aggressive washing. It can be used as a mask to nourish the scalp and add softness, body and vigour to hair, as a conditioner to detangle and strengthen hair, contain split ends and control static electricity typical of dry hair, or to add a touch of gloss by applying a small amount to hair without rinsing to obtain docile and more manageable hair.

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