Onicoil, 10 ml


  • Description

    Well-cared hands and feet are synonymous with a simple and elegant beauty. Just a few daily gestures to keep your nails healthy, helping them maintain their health.

    Onicoil, 100% natural and biologically certified, is a formulation designed to maintain strong and healthy nails of hands and feet. Thanks to the synergy of her plant extracts, it helps to strengthen the structure and nourish their surface and cuticles, providing nails for healthy growth. Easy to absorb, it has a natural, discreet polishing effect


    Neem vegetable oil (Azadirachta indica). Obtained from the first cold sowing of seeds, it is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to protect nails from bacterial and mycotic infections, to strengthen them, nourish and promote healthy growth.
    Tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia).
    Manuka Essential Oil (Leptospermum scoparium).
    Palmarosa essential oil (Cymbopogon martini) which also stimulates the regeneration of nails.

    USE: Shake well before use, apply on the surface of the nail and along the margins with the provided brush, allow to absorb before washing hands or feet and wearing socks or shoes.
    Apply 1 or 2 times daily for at least 3-4 weeks and repeat the treatment several times during the year.onicoil