Copper tongue cleaner


  • Description

    From the Ayurvedic tradition to today’s everyday life: the tongue cleaner is an indispensable tool for oral cleaning. Removes bacteria and impurities giving health and freshness to the mouth.

    The toxins that deposit on the tongue at night form a whitish film which is best removed first thing in the morning to prevent them from being ingested again.

    Daily use acts favorably on:

    Elimination of toxins deposited on the tongue
    Elimination of bad breath
    Reduction of bacterial plaque formation
    Reduction of gum problems

    Copper is a metal with high antibacterial properties.

    Directions for use: Use the tongue cleaner in the morning before brushing your teeth. Hold the ends of the tongue cleaner and, placing the rounded part at the bottom of the tongue, scrape gently and repeatedly, taking care to rinse it under running water after each pass. Repeat the operation until all impurities are completely removed