Incense of the Angels – Fiore d’Oriente, 10 sticks


  • Description

    Chamuel – Known as the Archangel of Love and Peace, he works on our heart chakra and healing. It teaches us to fall in love with life, so as to recall more and more love in our days.
    Gabriel – is the Archangel of the resurrection, of the transformation, of the birth that follows every death and of communication. It helps to get rid of negative conceptions and to rediscover what is born again in us.
    Haniel – Bearer of grace and elegance. Its ethereal and very nourishing energy strengthens our clairvoyance skills.
    Metatron – In the realm of the Archangels, he plays the role of divine scribe and chancellor, keeping track of everything that has happened, happens and will happen on Earth in the archives of Akasha, of which he is the creator and curator.
    Michael – It has the task of giving us all the help, support and courage to face those changes in ourselves and in our lives, to ensure that the fate of our souls is fulfilled in the course of our incarnations.
    Raphael – is the Archangel who is in charge of healing and keeping the Earth and all her children healthy. Help everyone on Earth who has a job to do with healing. His presence is felt as very cheerful and protective, he loves to joke and teach us to give everything the right weight.
    Uriel – It helps us to illuminate our path in the most complicated situations, even when we happen to let ourselves go to despair and despair.

    Ailanthus malabarica, Coconut shell powder, Sandal powder, Masala powder, Benzoin,
    Olibanum, Borneol, Erbe, Oli essenziali, aromi naturali, Resinoidi, Miele, Bamboo.
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