8 Fairies Perfume Sticks (14G), Erboristeria Magentina


  • Description

    Removes bad odours, purifies the atmosphere and the spirit. Recommended for yoga and meditation.

    Active Ingredients
    Masala, Honey, fine woods, Aromatic Natural Resins, Bamboo.

    How To Use
    Light the end of the stick, let it burn for a few moments and then put out the flame.

    To take part in the great embrace between Heaven and Earth, the cosmic fusion of Love and Abundance, mankind has always lit fires for food with wood, resins and fine wax. The smoke given off communicates our presence to the heavens. Lighting a perfumed stick is part of an antique ritual that brings peace and serenity. Once the perfumed sticks are alight, leave them to burn a few moments, then put them out, and they will continue to be consumed for over 40 minutes, purifying the atmosphere and leaving a breath of perfume in the air that will remain for several hours.