Benex tablets


  • Description

    Improve the functioning of the microcirculation and cellular exchanges, mitigate swelling due to fluid retention and discomfort due to poor blood circulation as heavy legs, fatigue, cramps and discomfort notturni.Possono be used as the only remedy or in synergy with the other products of Benex line.


    Grapepure®: patented grape extract, rich in proanthocyanidins

    Horse chestnut dry extract: a precious source of escin and esculin, two key substances for venous health.

    Rusco dry extract: contains ruscogenine, steroidal saponins that have a strong skin restoring action of the venous walls.
    Pine dry extract: rich in proanthocyanidins, household substances of flavonoids with powerful antioxidant, anti-edema and protector of venous walls.

    Vitamin C: strong antioxidant effect, for the protection of the lipids present in the venous walls.

    HOW TO USE: 1 tablet daily.

    CURIOSITY ‘: The proanthocyanidins of grape have a strong synergistic action with that of pine. They have been included both in the formulation used together because they multiply the beneficial effects.