Sun Gel Wrinkle Face SPF 50+, Frais Monde


  • Description

    Delicate gel designed to prevent damage to the elastic fibers of the skin and counteract the phenomena caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. It keeps the skin more elastic.
    The MIXTURE OF FILTERS (UVA + UVB) ensures total protection from sunlight. The gel has action: restructuring and nourishing for the presence of collagen and MOISTURIZING FACTOR. rassodanto and wrinkle with elastin and extract of Echinacea. Suitable for all skin types.
    Package of 50 ml.

    COMPOSITION: glycolic extract (2: 1) of Echinacea 2%, moisturizing factor 3%, 3% vegetable Elastin, Collagen 2%, sunscreen (UVA + UVB) 11 protection factor: SPF 50+