Remargin Colostrum Spray, 100 ml Solimè


  • Description
    Non-contact skin-regenerating solution, based on 100% Italian colostrum and ingredients of natural origin, which soothes and restructures damaged, burned, dry or irritated skin.Dermatologically tested for the most sensitive skin. Without cortisone derivatives, silicones and petrolatum. Alcohol-free. Not greasy.

    97% ingredients of natural origin (the remaining 3% guarantees stability and pleasantness of the product).

    Remargina Serum: is an active ingredient based on fresh bovine colostrum, 100% Italian, concentrated at low temperature and stabilized to preserve all its natural functional properties.

    Calendula: has an anti-inflammatory action and has regenerating and healing properties. Emollient, soothing and protective, it is an excellent solution for the treatment of dry, sensitive and irritated skin, facilitating tissue regeneration and wound healing.

    Aloe vera extract: hydrating, soothing and refreshing. Helps soothe skin reddened by external agents such as sun, cold, wind and aggressive detergents. It forms a protective barrier on the skin which helps to quickly restore the skin’s balance and helps to preserve it for longer.

    Chamomile: thanks to its regularizing and purifying action, it helps treat skin where sebum production needs to be rebalanced. It manages to promote tissue healing, minimizing signs and making the skin appear more compact and regenerated. It is ideal for giving relief, nourishing and protecting the skin from the action of external agents.

    Colostrum is the first milk produced by mammals immediately after giving birth and contains active substances fundamental for the correct development of the newborn’s immune and endocrine system.

    Only the excess production is taken, which would otherwise be disposed of, with full respect for the animal, especially the newborn, only 100% Italian colostrum, coming from local farms, at 0 km, which do not use antibiotics or drugs