Linimento Artiglio del Diavolo Forte


  • Description

    The Liniment is a valid support for the most common bone and joint diseases. It also acts to level decongestant, calming acute pain in the muscles. On some skins can result in a temporary heat sensation due to the active ingredients.

    COMPOSITION: Devil’s claw extract, arnica extract, hypericum extract, oleo resin capsicum, sweet almond oil, grape seed, sesame and shea butter, essential oils of cinnamon, camphor and ginger.

    HOW TO USE: Apply to the affected areas twice a day, with a short massage. Sensitive skin may experience temporary redness. The Liniment can be used in synergy with the other products of the line: Ointment, Capsule.

    CURIOSITY: The Devil’s Claw Harpagophytum or belongs to the family of Pedaliacee and lives in the African desert areas, on sandy soils, warm and dry.