Le Gocce, concentrated perfume for dryer, Mami Milano


  • Description

    Mami Milano Gocce are a special concentrated formula that used on Le Palle di Lana allows you to perfume the linen during drying in the dryer, giving a touch of freshness that lasts for a long time.

    A few drops are enough for a complete dryer cycle.

    They do not stain and do not leave marks.

    A special solution that allows you to leave your clothes scented for days and days …

    HOW TO USE: Pour 3-5 drops on each ball of wool, depending on the intensity of the perfume to be obtained.

    Place the wool balls in the dryer together with the laundry.

    The fragrances are:

    white flowers;
    oriental perfumes;
    pink diamond;
    cotton cloud;
    talc cuddles.

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