Larch (n.19), Bach flowers


  • Description


    • sense of inferiority;
    • self-doubt.


    • defeatism;
    • false modesty;
    • discouragement;
    • hesitation;
    • delay;
    • procrastination;
    • impotence;
    • stuttering.

    TRANSFORMATION: Larch intended as a remedy helps to break the cursed circle of low self-esteem, teaches to take the initiative, not to be block by the fear of failure, and to consider as a starting point themselves, not others.
    Larch is very useful before exams, when the stress of the study makes us doubt of our ability, or in cases of divorce, when it is easy to fall into guilt complexes and autorecriminazioni.
    In addition, this flower turned out great in the treatment of impotence.

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