Gold, Rich Cream, 200 ml


  • Description

    A soft, dense cream studied for a skin which needs nourishment and pampering. With a particularly pleasant structure and a formulation rich in a functional and innovative substance, its high efficacyis due to the presence of the vitamins A and E and the precious micro-particles of colloidal Gold, which defend the structure of the skin, protecting it from the aggressions of time.
    Applied with a delicate massage, it gives the skin a wonderful sensation of freshness and compactness, with immediate benefits in terms of tone and luminosity.
    The nourishing action is resistant and uniform: vitaminic principles and tiny drops of oil distribute themselves over the skin promoting, with great efficacy, the penetration of the active principles and slowing down water loss. The vitamins stimulate the cutaneous metabolism and reduce the activity of the free radicals ì, whilst the increased hydration level makes the tissue fresher and luminous, giving the skin a new lease of life.
    How to use: apply the cream evenly over the whole body for an immediate, uniform absorption.
    Paraben free.