Gold, Lasting Hydration, 200 ml


  • Description

    Fluid cream with a soft and pleasant structure. Created for dehydrated and dry skin, with each application it gives tone and softness, assuring long-lasting, deep-down hydration.
    Rich in innovative components, it owes its great efficacy to the presence of micro-particles of colloidal Gold, a functional substance able to protect the skin from the aggressions of time, enabling the skin to remain young and tonified.
    The special formulation gives it a unique functional characteristics: the ability to hydrate in a totally complete way. The Carob extract carries out an intense hydrating-emollient action aimed at producing immediate tone and turgor, whilst the Ectoins acts on the deepest layers of the dermis, assuring extreme long-lasting emollience and softness.
    How to use: apply the cream evenly over the whole body for an immediate, uniform absorption.
    Paraben free.