Drena&Depura Omeostat, 14 sticks bevibili


  • Description

    Drena & Depura is a food supplement based on concentrated vegetable juices and medicinal plant extracts, designed to support the body’s drainage and purification processes. Its formulation based on Ribes, Mango, Verga d’oro, Schisandra and Karkadé, is enhanced thanks to the presence of two new ingredients: concentrated Dattero juice and Poria dry extract, which increase the draining activity and maintain the purifying one is very high.

    The purification consists in neutralizing the harmful substances present in the cells and tissues, blocking the negative effects while the drainage is the act of their removal and ousting through the elimination pathways. It is important that these functions are in balance with each other, since the prevalence of one over the other would lead to disturbances in the balance of the organism.

    Drena & Depura is indicated:

    to prepare the body and optimize the effectiveness of diets and health treatments
    after drug therapies and in convalescences
    at the season changes
    following periods of disorders or overeating
    to assist the aesthetic treatments of lymph drainage and remodeling

    Periodic intake cycles are recommended during the year to help the body “clean up” the waste introduced by the external environment or deposited by daily physiological activities.

    Drena & Depura is a 100% natural product, without alcohol, gluten, lactose and synthetic sweeteners, also suitable for vegans and people with intolerances.


    Acqua; Succhi concentrati di: Ribes rosso (Ribes rubrum L.) bacche, Mango (Mangifera indica L.) frutti, Dattero (Phoenix dactylifera L.) frutti; Estratti secchi di: Poria (Wolfiporia cocos (F.A. Wolf) Ryvarden & Gilb. = Poria c. F.A.Wolf) sclerozio (D/E 10:1), Verga d’oro (Solidago virgaurea L.*) sommità fiorite (D/E 4:1), Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill.) frutti tit. al 3% in schisandrina, Karkadè (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.*) fiori (D/E 4:1); conservante: potassio sorbato; addensante: gomma xanthan.
    * estratti supportati su maltodestrine


    Contains Dattero, Karkadè and Verga d’oro which act favorably on the physiological functions of drainage of body fluids, as well as Mango and Schisandra useful for the welfare of the liver.

    Mode of use

    we recommend taking the contents of a 15 ml stick a day, preferably in the morning, diluted in a large glass of water or added to a bottle of water to be consumed during the day. In any case, it is recommended an abundant fluid intake distributed throughout the day.

    Content of characterizing ingredients for maximum daily dose (1 stick):
    Red currant juice conc. 1500 mg, Mango juice conc. 1000 mg, Date juice conc. 1000 mg, Poria estr. sec. 600 mg, Goldenrod sec. 350 mg, Schisandra estr. sec. 350 mg, schisandrin intake 10.5 mg, Karkadè estr. sec. 200 mg