Ugo, diffuser Pranarom


  • Description

    Practical – Easy to transport – Without water.

    This compact diffuser is very practical. And it is immediately ready to spread essential oils.

    Simply screw the vial of essential oils (10-30ml) and insert it directly into the socket, to create a pleasant and subtle olfactory atmosphere in all the rooms.

    Particularly suitable for bedrooms to sleep peacefully, thanks to its mini format it can be taken anywhere, even on vacation!

    Adjustable socket. Without using heat, it works with all 230V electrical outlets.

    Características técnicas

    – Dimensões : altezza 135 mm x profondità 100 mm x larghezza 55 mm

    – Fonte de energia 240 V

    – Consumo: Máx. 800 mAh

    – Compatibilidade: frascos de 5 ml, 10 ml e 30 ml

    – Materiais: Plástico PP