Facial Tonic Spray with Oats, Helichrysum and Azulene, Solimè


  • Description

    Decongestant and soothing indicated to restore freshness and hydration to sensitive skin.

    Is it suitable for me?
    If your skin is delicate, it reddens and irritates easily

    • spray it on your face after using make-up remover
    • tightens pores
    • immediate freshness
    • ideal for sensitive and delicate skin, with couperose

    Particularly indicated for its decongestant, soothing and toning action. Suitable for all skin types but especially for sensitive and sensitive skin that easily irritate. It gives freshness, compactness and hydration to the skin. It has a completely natural formulation, free of petrolatum, parabens, preservatives and synthetic dyes.


    Shake before using. Apply to cleansed skin and allow to dry.