Start-Up Herbal Tea 70 g, Neavita


  • Description
    • Start-Up Detox Herbal Tea: A blend of medicinal herbs that promote the physiological processes of purification and can be a valuable aid for the well-being of the body.
      The formula is characterized by the presence of Mint and Dandelion useful to support the liver function, Sarsaparilla and Birch that promote the purifying function and Fennel and Mate for the drainage of body fluids.
      Draining Start-Up Herbal Tea: A formulation that through the complementary action of Ortosiphon, Horsetail, Birch and Nettle favors the drainage of body fluids and the functionality of the urinary tract.
      The effectiveness of the herbal tea is completed by Fennel and Licorice which together with the star anise, give a pleasant taste to the infusion.
      Start-Up Slimming Tea: A synergy of plants useful in dietary regimes aimed at controlling body weight thanks to the combined action of the Mate that favors the drainage of liquids and stimulates the metabolism and Rooibos with antioxidant and anti-radical action.
      The functionality of the formulation is completed by Coriander, Verbena and Ginger which also contribute to the pleasant taste of the herbal tea.
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