Synergies with pure Essential Oils, Nasoterapia


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    What feelings you have today? Express yourself, create your own well-being. Do not let yourself be guided by the case, but trust your nose.
    Fragrances that inspire you while you breathe in, olfactory emotions, Color perfumes. In a word, Nasoterapia: discover the essence of the imagination.

    The animated scents are:

    Active: gently stimulates your vitality, dispel stress and negativity, find the inspiration to do and imagine, with this fragrance in which the citrus notes of lemon, the orange and litsea, meet a seductive touch of vanilla. No dream? No, a reality that you can feel the air around you.
    Reborn: after a boring or tiring day, renew your energy and find the pleasure of life. notes of grapefruit, orange, peppermint and Mediterranean flowers, a delightful background reminiscent of white chocolate, with a clever touch of petit grain: a fresh agreement, green, balancing.
    Cuddle: a fragrance all dedicated to children to create a soothing atmosphere during games or napping. Joyful mandarin, grapefruit and strawberries soothing, calming lavender: harmonious enveloping like an embrace, full of wonders like a fairy tale, like a delicious dessert or a ripe fruit.
    Renew: find your inner being and renews the atmosphere around you, with this synergy at the same time balancing and stimulating. A sweet and soothing fragrance of vanilla, blends with fresh grapefruit vibration, warm notes of jasmine and purifying scents of lavender.
    Fly away: free in your rooms an effective synergy that protects you from mosquitoes and pleasantly scented air. Dreamy fragrance of exotic landscapes and welcoming gardens that keep insects away, naturally.

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