Sun cream SPF 50+, Frais Monde


  • Description

    Rich in precious oils and natural components not greasy and leaves the skin soft. It defends the skin and prevent dryness and preventing dehydration and aging, keeps skin hydrated and also protected during exposure to the sun.
    The moisturizing action is carried out from the extract of ALOE MOISTURIZING FACTOR and ensure that the skin the essential moisture. Its special formulation makes it water resistant and effective even after several bathrooms. The perfect blend of FILTERS – UVA + UVB – protects the skin from the first days of sun exposure and favors a rapid and lasting tan. The d’OLIVE OIL known for its high protective capacity and the precious AVOCADO OIL and JOJOBA provide nutrition to the skin.
    150 ml pack.

    COMPOSITION: 3% of Aloe extract, olive oil 10%, 5% Avocado oil, Jojoba oil 5%, sunscreen (UVA + UVB) 2.5%, moisturizing factor protection factor: SPF 8 Indicated: For skin robust and dark subjects.

    HOW TO USE: apply before exposure to sunlight.