Sulfur torches, double pack


  • Description

    The torch of natural crystalline sulfur rubbed on the skin exerts a strong action for annulment of negative electrostatic charges. In special situations, our body produces or absorbs electromagnetic charges that prove troublesome (aches, etc …) and in the presence of muscular alterations form a layer of negative electrical charges.

    Grinding the torch in those areas are removed the electrons, which are absorbed from the torch; evidence is found immediately in friction – noise of crackling – that the torch produces absorbing electric charges, so it yields a beneficial immediate relief.

    In strong positions the torch can be broken: this will not affect the effectiveness but proof operation.

    HOW TO USE: Rub the free energy torch on stakeholders insisting for 1-2 minutes with light, even pressure.
    After use, it is necessary to download the torch by putting it for about 10 minutes under running water. Wait at least 30 minutes before using it again.
    This operation must always be performed before use.

    In popular Brazilian tradition of the sulfur torch it is used for many centuries n the case of:

    Air strikes
    neck pain
    stiff neck
    shoulder pain
    knee pain
    rheumatism and general osteoarthritis

    Ligurian sailors were first to disclose the use!