Soleo, wireless diffuser Pranarom


  • Description

    Rechargeable battery (with charger included with integrated solar cell).

    Practical to take anywhere.

    Wireless and with an integrated solar cell, the diffuser is completely autonomous and can be carried anywhere thanks to its compact shape and a rechargeable battery: outdoors, to enjoy the summer in complete serenity, and indoors, in any room of the house, without having to be near an electrical outlet.

    It is easy to use, because it is immediately ready for diffusion: simply screw the vial of essential oils directly (10-30ml).

    The diffuser will soon become part of your daily life by adding a personalized olfactory touch to all your rooms, both at home and outdoors, for moments of well-being or to be shared in joy.

    Características técnicas

    – Dimensões : Altezza 140 mm x ∅ di base 115 mm

    – Adaptador: 5 V 1 A

    – Compatibilidade: frascos de 5 ml, 10 ml e 30 ml

    – Materiais: Plástico PP