Colloidal Silicon Plus 350 PPM, spray 100 ml Aessere


  • Description

    INGREDIENTS: Two-distilled water, colloidal silicon 350 ppm

    Silicon is a fundamental trace element for the human being, which, however, decreases with advancing age from adolescence. This deficit linked to growth and the modern diet of refined foods combined with the consumption of fruit and vegetables without peel makes it appropriate to integrate this precious trace element, which in its colloidal form finds its maximum expression of absorption and bioavailability. The lack of silicon in the body can be highlighted: – at the bone level with a greater difficulty in the reconstruction of fractures, osteoporosis, rheumatic problems, demineralisation, arthritis and arthrosis – in the skin, nails and hair with a loss of tone and elasticity, more marked signs of aging, stretch marks and slower healing – at cardio vascular level with cases of atheromasia and arteriosclerosis – at the level of the immune system, with a slower and less effective response to environmental stresses. The product allows a optimal absorption in synergy with colloidal magnesium and / or potassium.

    • Strengthens connective tissues, bone formation and elasticity of blood vessels
    • Promotes the stimulation of the immune system
    • Improves collagen synthesis and skin regeneration
    • Effective in case of cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis