Shower Shampoo for Men, Magentina for Men


  • Description

    Delicate shower shampoo for complete cleansing of body and hair.


    It is based on very delicate surfactants from coconut and oats which generate a soft foam, for deep and easy-to-rinse cleansing. It takes care of men’s skin and hair and is perfect for everyday use.

    Active principles

    Surfactants from Oats, Coconut: ultra-delicate cleansers;
    Panthenol: softener, protective;
    Betaine: soothing, softening;
    Dead Sea salts: remineralizing and emollient;
    Vegetable glycerol: emollient, humectant.

    Indications for use

    Apply as a cream all over the body and scalp, massaging gently and rinse