Renjuva, 100 cps


  • Description

    An innovative formula of natural origin with standardised content of hyaluronic acid (10%), depolymerised chondroitin sulphate (20%) and type II partially hydrolysed collagen (60%), of demonstrated effectiveness.
    Obtained through a patented enzymatic hydrolysis process which ensures low molecular weight for components (1.5 vs 35 KDaltons) and therefore maximum bioavailability in the body for multi-purpose use (elasticity of the skin and mobility of the joints).

    2 capsules contain:

    • 1000 mg BioCell Collagen (hyaluronic acid 10%, depolymerised chondroitin sulphate 20% and type II partially hydrolysed collagen 60%).
    • 100 mg Vitamin C.

    HOW TO USE: 2-4 cps/day.

    Gluten free.