Purifying Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Spray 500 ml, Purae


  • Description

    With alcohol of vegetable origin and pure essential oils of eucalyptus globulus, common thyme and cloves.
    Naturally purifies the air in the rooms, sanitizes washable surfaces and objects.

    EFFECTIVE FOR: purifying and regenerating the air in closed environments, eliminating bad smells.
    Sanitize objects, washable surfaces, including fabrics.
    Great for door handles, keypads (elevators, remote controls), computer keyboards, mice, cell phones, glasses, shoe soles, masks, gloves, day wear, sofas, carpets, rugs.

    HOW TO USE: spray directly on the surface to be treated and dry if necessary with a soft cloth.
    On linen and curtains spray at least 30 cm.

    Depending on the desired effect and the size of the room, spray 5 or more sprays at the four corners of the rooms.