PSC Allergy Depurato spray, 15 ml


  • Description

    INGREDIENTS: Organic blackcurrant gems, Organic beech buds, Organic scrub rose young shoots, Organic hornbeam buds, Organic birch buds, Eufrasia whole plant, Quince fruit, Propolis.

    Blackcurrant is a powerful anti-inflammatory, stimulating the production of natural endogenous cortisone without having side effects and iatrogenic consequences like that of synthesis.,
    It is therefore useful in the prophylaxis of infections, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, ear infections and immune system disorders.

    Beech par excellence stimulate the immunoglobulins, those of Birch, in the case of pollinosis, reduce the infiltration of eosinfili in the nasal mucosa, helping to support lung function during the allergic season.

    Buds stimulate cellular repair of surface mucous membranes and relieve respiratory spasms, dissolving the mucus that covers the upper part of the cavity.

    Eufrasia is a plant that is widely used in the treatment of eye diseases and is therefore indicated for conjunctivitis, even of an allergic nature.

    Propolis and Cotogno play an anti-inflammatory action on the respiratory and bronchopulmonary system.


    Adults: 2 sprays 3 times a day
    Up to 12 years: 1 x spray twice a day.