Propolis tablets, Fitomedical


  • Description


    Stabilizer: maltodextrin; Sweetener: maltitol; Date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) powder fruits, Propolis extr. sec. (supported on gum arabic, sucrose, silicon dioxide) tit. 12% in total flavonoids 8%; Antiplatelet: silicon dioxide; Honeysuckle of Japan (Lonicera japonica L.) flowers estr. sec. (D / E 10: 1); Antiplatelet: magnesium salts of fatty acids


    contains Date and Honeysuckle of Japan which act favorably on the functionality of the upper respiratory tract

    How to use:

    slowly dissolve 1 tablet 2-3 times a day

    Content in ingredients characterizing the maximum recommended daily dose (3 tablets = 3 g)
    Dated date 750 mg
    Propolis e.s. 240 mg
    Honeysuckle of Japan e.s. 60 mg

    The dosages, indicated pursuant to art. 6 Decree Law 169/2004, are intended as average values.


    With a pleasant flavor, they combine the properties of Propolis with those of Honeysuckle of Japan and the Date. Comfortable to keep in your pocket or bag, they melt slowly in the mouth offering a pleasant and effective protection for the functionality of the upper respiratory tract.