Prepared for Vegetable Broth


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    Leek, Shallot, Carrot, Lovage, Sage, Chives, Rosemary, Laurel.

    PREPARATION: to make the broth, put 2 tablespoons of vegetable preparation (about 10 g) in 1 liter of water and boil about 10 minutes. Allow the liquid to cool and drain, which can be used as it is, or it can be the basis for risottos, soups and veloutées.
    If you prefer, you can use the infusion even without removing the vegetables which, thanks to the prolonged boiling, will partly regain their softness.
    The amount of preparation to be used for the recipe may vary according to the desired degree of intensity.
    Salt can be added.
    Completely and naturally vegetable, tasty and aromatic, definitely umami flavor without sodium glutamate.

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