Populeo Ointment 50 ml Tube Medical Device


  • Description

    Populeo Ointment is recommended specifically for the treatment of varicose haemmorhoids and their symptoms.

    Active Ingredients
    Contains the following: Shea butter, Rosehip oil, Sweet almond oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Barbadensis gel. It also contains extracts of: Poplar, Horse Chestnut, Camomile, Poppy, St John’s Wort, Asiatic pennywort, Witch Hazel, Yarrow, and Mint, Cypress and Camomile essential oils.

    How To Use
    Apply to the affected zone as required using the screw-on applicator supplied. Use after every motion on clean, dry skin.

    This is medical device CE. Medically-approved since 17/09/2012. Read carefully the enclosed instructions leaflet.

    Use: External