Benex Ointment Tube 100 ml, Erboristeria Magentina


  • Description

    For leg problems such as heaviness, overheating, swelling and pain. An excellent skin toner.

    Active Ingredients
    Total active ingredients 25.91%. Dry extract (titrated in Salicylic acid) and liquid extract of Horse chestnut (D/E 4:1), Dry extract (titrated in St John’s Wort) (E/D 1:4) and liquid extract (D/E 4:1 of St John’s Wort), Dry extract (titrated in terpenic derivates) (E/D 1:4) and liquid extract (D/E 4:1) of Centella, Dry extract (titrated in tannins) (E/D 1:4) and glyceric extract (D/E 1:2) of Witch hazel, Liquid extract of Arnica (D/E 4:1), Glyceric extract of Camomile (D/E 1:5), Shea butter, Rosehip oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Barbedensis gel. Bach Flower mixture: Rescue Remedy to relieve anxiety.

    How To Use
    Apply and massage gently from the ankle upwards, as required.

    Benex ointment is an effective treatment for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet, for those who wear trainers, for sports enthusiasts, for long journeys by plan, car, and bus, and to treat poor blood circulation at any time.

    100 ml.pomata-natural-benex-varici-vene-circolazione-sanguigna