Feet Healthy Spray Deodorant, 150 ml


  • Description

    Without alcohol, the Foot Care Deodorant Sani is based on plant extracts and essential oils with high antibacterial activity and normalizing the production of sebum, key factors that must be eliminated both for the well-being of the feet and to feel at ease.

    It is formulated to control the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad foot odors, but also of shoes and shoe racks. The water of hamamelis and menthol give an immediate sensation of freshness that reactivates the vitality of the feet.

    Active principles
    Icelandic lichen extract: purifying;
    Thyme extract: sebum-normalizing, rebalancing, antiseptic, antibacterial;
    Hamamelis water: refreshing and soothing;
    Bergamot essential oil: antibacterial and purifying;
    Tea tree essential oil: antibacterial and antiviral;
    Clove essential oil nails: antiseptic and anti-inflammatory;
    Menthol: refreshing and anti-itching.

    Indications for use
    Dispense the spray from a distance of 10-15 cm and distribute the product even between the toes. Also dispense on socks, inner shoe and shoe racks.