Feet Healthy Active Salts of the Dead Sea for Footbath, 500 g


  • Description

    Foot baths with salt are the excellent remedy for the wellbeing of the feet. The Dead Sea Active Salts are a concentrate of active ingredients that act by exploiting the osmotic mechanism from the Dead Sea salt that allows to eliminate liquids and toxins and at the same time to enrich the skin of its trace elements and the substances present in the specially selected plant extracts. .

    For an extremely pleasant foot bath. Useful to promote the circulation of liquids and regulate the sebaceous substances, they also make it possible to soften the skin and stimulate the healing of small wounds by cracking and thickening.

    Active principles
    Dead Sea salts: remineralizing and emollient;
    Oak extract: vasoconstrictor and sebum-regulator;
    Horse chestnut extract: capillaroprotector and draining, promotes circulation;
    Horsetail extract: remineralizing and elasticizing;
    Tabebuia extract: antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial;
    Sage essential oil: deodorant and sebum-regulator;
    Rosemary essential oil: dermopurifying;
    Thyme essential oil: antiseptic and purifying.

    Indications for use
    Dissolve a handful of salts in 2-3 liters of hot water (36/38 ° C). Dip your feet for 10-15 minutes. Complete the treatment with the application of POMATA HYDRATING or POMATA LEVIGANTE.

    Reflexology teaches that at each point of the foot corresponds to an organ of our body. It is therefore obvious that the problems of the feet are reflected on the corresponding organs. Keeping your feet in shape is therefore an act of health and not just an aesthetic question.