Soft Oil Perlegambe Leggere, 100 ml Purae


  • Description

    It is a cosmetic formulation enriched with pure vegetable oils and essential oils designed to give an immediate and lasting sensation of freshness and lightness to heavy legs and ankles.
    The particular form in dry oil allows to enhance the essential oils contained in the formula, leaving the skin soft and nourished.

    The content in essential oils, in particular Cypress, Rosemary and Ginger guarantees a balanced supply of functional substances that give an immediate and pleasant sensation of freshness and lightness, especially at the end of the day.
    The formula is enriched with organic extracts of Horse Chestnut and Ivy Helix and essential oils of Peppermint and Eucalyptus, which help ensure a refreshing and calming action on the skin.

    How to use:

    Apply a quantity of oil on the legs, with a light massage starting from the ankles towards the thighs, preferably in the evening.