Drop Vegetal Garden – Sweets and Dessert Kit (essential oils of orange, cinnamon and mint)


  • Description

    Orto in Goccia is the special edition of Nasotherapy designed for cooking lovers.
    Each tin box contains three 5 ml essential oils, food grade, a real magical touch to enhance and enrich the flavors of each recipe: from appetizers to desserts, from salads to drinks, they will give the taste of the fresh ingredient. even out of season, when it is impossible to find it.
    Inside a small complete recipe book, to give a gourmet touch even to the simplest recipes.

    SWEETS AND DESSERTS KIT: The vivacity of the orange, the velvety touch of cinnamon and the innate freshness of mint are unparalleled for scenting sweets of every season.
    Three cornerstones of the kitchen in a single box.