Colloidal Gold Plus 20 PPM, spray 100 ml Aessere


  • Description

    On the physical or cellular level it acts as a catalyst that facilitates physiological functions and in the event of alteration of these processes, it helps to rebalance them. For this reason it is useful in many diseases, including generative ones. On the energetic level, it raises the resonance frequency of the cells that host it. Nano particles, suspended in energized water, have a beneficial effect on the whole body. It acts deeply on the DNA of the cells creating the optimal environment so that the body can modify the degenerative conditions and fight them. Many people know colloidal silver and its proven germicidal and antibacterial properties, but colloidal gold is not so well known. Yet, this clear, tasteless colloid – which is made of tiny gold particles suspended in water – provides us with similarly impressive health benefits. Considering that colloidal silver purifies our bodies from microbes and bacteria, colloidal gold has a different purpose: it improves our mental faculties and rejuvenates our body.

    USE OF COLLOIDAL GOLD: The ideal concentration for colloidal gold is 20 ppm (parts per million) and, depending on the intended use, it is used at a dosage of between 10 and 20 sprays per day, taken during the day, according to the methods of use indicated.

    DOSAGE: Internal use: 10 sprays under the tongue leaving the product in the mouth for a minute.