Purification Oleocaps 8 30 cps, Pranarom


  • Description

    Oral aromatherapy in all serenity, with 100% pure and natural essential oils.

    Targeted: meet specific health needs.
    Natural: they contain 100% organic essential oils
    Pre-dosed: they contain the right amount for safe intake.
    Complete: represent a synergistic selection of various essential oils.
    Practices: they are easy to use and to take with them everywhere.

    Overload? Feeling heavy? Oleocaps 8 purifies the body and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

    Contains essential oils of organic Peppermint (15 mg), Organic Lemon (15 mg), Organic Ginger (15 mg) Organic Cardamom (10 mg), Organic Mandarin (10 mg) and Organic Juniper (10 mg).

    HOW TO USE: 1 capsule morning and evening before meals for 14 days, renewing if necessary 2 to 4 times a year.

    WARNINGS: to be used over 12 years