Neti Lota


  • Description

    Cleaning and washing of the nose is a technique that Hatha Yoga is to use a suitable container (the Neti Lota) and Himalayan pink salt.


    • nasal mucus;
    • bacteria and various microorganisms that infest respiratory system;
    • sinusitis and rhinitis;
    • cold;
    • allergies from pollen;
    • Migraine by stuffy nose.

    HOW TO USE: fill the Neti Lota with warm water enriched with 1 teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt, and once melted, add the nozzle in one nostril, then she tilts her head away so that water can enter it and out the other nostril. You have to breathe through the mouth so as to prevent the drops of water in his throat. Away now Neti Lota and blow your nose to eliminate the impurities, then repeat the same operation in the other nostril. You may feel a bit ‘tingling gave perhaps an excessive amount of salt that disappears in a short time. You can run the nasal wash daily or several times a day for colds and allergies. If you hear the water pouring down the throat means that the position of the head or the Neti Lota is incorrect because the water should just flow from one nostril in total freedom.

    The color of the item is variable depending on the availability of the manufacturer.