Nasal Wash, Nose washing kit irrigator bottle + 30 predose sachets


  • Description
    Keeping the nose free and clean, constantly in contact with a large amount of allergens, impurities and polluting powders, is the first step to prevent alterations of the nasal mucosa (stuffy nose, itching, dryness) and allow the correct passage of air in the airways. respiratory.FOR WHOM IT IS USEFUL:

    Recommended by an increasing number of specialist doctors, the practice of nasal washing consists of running a hydrosaline solution inside the nose, letting the flow of liquid enter one nostril, and then letting it flow out the other.
    Numerous studies show that nasal irrigation, if performed daily, facilitates the cleaning of the mucous membrane, favoring the expulsion of excess mucus, pollen, crusts and substances accumulated during the day, which can compromise normal respiratory well-being.
    Furthermore, the ability to expel impurities and to keep the mucous membrane clean and hydrated makes nasal washing a complementary treatment to relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory tract diseases, speeding up healing times and facilitating the restoration of the normal functions of the mucous membrane.

    Otosan Nasal Wash:

    promotes the process of cleaning the nasal mucosa;
    promotes mucociliary transport;
    improves breathing;
    hinders the stagnation of secretions and the consequent process of contamination.


    nasal congestion;
    cold or allergic rhinitis;
    acute and chronic sinusitis;
    hypertrophic rhinitis in pregnancy;
    nocturnal snoring;
    stay in dry or polluted environments;
    exposure to smoke or irritants;
    pre and post operative nasal hygiene;
    daily cleaning of the nasal passages.

    The Kit Contains:

    a handy watering bottle
    a pack of 30 sachets of saline solution enriched with sodium bicarbonate and hyaluronic acid, with emollient and moisturizing properties.

    Otosan Nasal Wash does not contain preservatives or pharmacological substances