Massage Oil with Sweet Almond, Bubble Baby


  • Description

    Obtained by cold pressing of sweet almonds, emollient, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, firming, anti-redness. Indicated as a massage oil for sensitive skin like those of infants, children and the elderly, neonatal massage, nourishing after cleansing the face.
    Effective in preventing the onset of stretch marks during pregnancy, to prevent the cracking of the nipple during breastfeeding, it is useful in the treatment of brittle and dry hair, after shaving, such as cocoa butter.
    It ‘a great carrier for in aromatherapy oils.
    On the skin it is sure to each concentration of use.
    250 ml.

    USE: Pour a dose of product on the palms of the hands or directly on the body. Massage gently with circular movements.

    No parabens, animal derivatives, laureth, EDTA, OGM, alkaline soaps, dyes, SLS, SLES, PEG and synthetic fragrances.