Perfumed Pearls for drawers, Mami Milano


  • Description

    Mami Milano Perfumed Pearls are a new and effective scenting method for small drawers and wardrobes. Stored in the special Mami Milano Clutches, comfortable cotton bags, they allow you to perfume your wardrobes, drawers, closets and cars in a soft and prolonged way.

    The fragrance spreads in the air and the duration of the pearls is about 2 months. Once the perfume has dissipated, they can be easily replaced by reusing the cotton bag.
    They do not stain.

    The Pochette Mami Milano were created to contain Le Perle Profumate and gradually spread the Mami fragrances in drawers and wardrobes, protecting their order and guaranteeing the integrity of the linen.

    The Clutches are in pure cotton, available in two sizes and two colors.

    Fill your pochette with perfumed pearls to perfume small enclosed spaces such as drawers, wardrobes, car interiors …


    Fill the Pochette with Pearls and secure it by tying the appropriate cords.
    A pack of Pearls is sufficient to activate 4 small Clutches or two large Clutches.

    Distribute the Pochette in the spaces to be perfumed.

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