Iodase Volume Breast Cream


  • Description

    Cosmetic treatment for toning and firming lifting effect.
    Breast is an important part of the female body. Maintain harmonious and beautiful breasts and prevent changes due to the inevitable changes due to age, pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause is to know its anatomy, know what to do to prevent premature aging and what not to do to prevent breast unnecessary trauma. The breast skin is delicate and stretchable, also changing significantly in relation to the volume changes due often to the different functional and physiological conditions.
    IODASE VOLUME BREAST cream, from the very first applications, makes the breast visibly firmer and more smooth and elastic. After 4-6 weeks of continuous use of the breast acquires new volume and a natural harmonious and round shape.
    LIFTING: amazing relaxing effect given by the association of hyaluronic acid with a natural ingredient extracted from the cellulose fibers.
    EFFECT VOLUME: a precious extract, Commipheroline, it supports the natural process of connective tissue accumulation and filling in the fat cells of the dermis. Galega and hops are useful aids to counter effectively the breast emptying.
    FIRMING ACTION LONG LASTING: the skin is vital, toned and firm thanks to the precious extracts of the African Kigelia and Vitamin E. Equisetum arvense and Hedera helix play a perfect synergy firming.
    Packaging: 150 ml tube
    Suitable for: You
    Ingredients: Cellulose fiber, hyaluronic acid, Commipheroline, Galega, Hops, Kigelia Africana, Vitamin E, Horsetail, Ivy